Primary 7 video Project

Pupils from year 8-10 have been working on a new video that will be shown to pupils in primary 6 and 7 from the primary schools in our local area. It's first showing was last years open night. It will be shown again this year.

The pupils, with help from the Media Studies and ICT departments, filmed material from the many exciting events that have happened over the last year. Year 8's and 10's provided a voice over for the short film. A shortened version will be uploaded to the Captiv8 site soon!

DV Project

Pupils from year 10-14 have finished making a cross-curricular digital video project on the theme of the fishing industry in Kilkeel.

The school recently entered a competition to take part in the project and was awarded a new eMac, digital camera and midi keyboard. These items together with Mac software, iMovie and iDVD, will allow pupils to film, edit and score the project.

View the video here.

Digital Audio Club

The digital audio club will meet again after school in the new year. If you are interested please contact Mr Brown.


Temptation was a great success! All three nights were filmed from three camera angles by sixth form pupils and the sound was recorded onto two 24 track digital recorders. Pupils will be involved in editing the video and sound in preparation for a DVD which has been offered for sale by the school.

The money received for the DVD has been given to charitable causes. Thank you to all members of the St Louis community or bought a copy!